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Whether you are working on your quality system because it’s a requirement under your organisation’s certification or registration, or because you recognise the value that a quality system designed for the work that you do now and could be doing in the future can bring, Instinct Organisational Development can help you with our quality and compliance services. We have worked extensively under:

  • NDIS Practice Standards and Quality Indicators
  • Human Services Quality Standards (HSQS)
  • Aged Care Quality Standards
  • National Regulatory System for Community Housing (NRSCH)
  • Palliative Care National Standards

Studies have also shown that a typical worker spends about two hours each week looking for information, including details identified in procedures. Our quality and compliance services will ensure that these documents help you and your team to work efficiently by being clear, easy to follow and compliant with applicable legislation and standards.


Queensland’s natural disasters as well as the COVID-19 pandemic have clearly shown how useful it can be to have gone through the exercise of anticipating challenges that can emerge and consider what we can do prior or at the time to minimise the impact of these challenges. Clients have commented that GL Community Consultancies approach to risk management planning is “real”, “useful” and “practical, without getting bogged down in jargon and technicalities”.


If your previous experience with strategic and / or operational planning has left you frustrated and feeling like it was all about just playing with words to get something to look and sound pretty, you’re not alone! GL Community Consultancy’s approach is to efficiently identify the core goals for your organisation and the ways of getting there that are realistic but will assist your organisaiton to mature and challenge itself, where necessary.


Whether you want to know if you are achieving what you set out to achieve, or even what exactly you are achieving, GL Community Consultancies can work with you to design, implement and analyse evaluations or reviews of single services or programs, an organisational function area, through to the whole organisation.

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Working with Gigi has changed our business altogether. The work environment has so much more creativity and the human connections that we make are invaluable. We are collaborating more and working as a team.

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Instinct Organisational Development is a niche consulting firm focusing on organisational development for community services, business and associations. This can occur through training, policy development / review, strategic and business planning, risk management, etc.

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