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With over 25 years working in the community services area, Gigi and her team can provide you with safety systems and documents that fit your organisation and the way you work. We can ensure that you and your team are able to achieve the outcomes that you want to with your clients and communities safely and lawfully.

WHS services, processes and systems

Instinct Organisational Development is well-known for its pragmatic and practical approach to developing the processes and systems you need to ensure that your staff, clients and others stay safe and healthy when they are in your premises or undertaking work for you.

Through our WHS Services we can work with your organisation to develop or review any of the following:


You know what your WHS goals are, but you need some assistance working out how to get there? Instinct Organisational Development have the knowledge and experience to work with you to come up with a plan that can work for your organisation.


Let Instinct Organisational Development ensure that your safety documentation and data works for you and can be found and used whenever needed.


Gigi and her team can work with you to make sure that your team have contributed to your health and safety goals, objectives and plans and know what they have to do to keep themselves safe and healthy in your workplace.


A safety management system is only as good as the level of knowledge that your team has about what’s in it. Gigi can work with you and your staff to develop and implement an induction process that ensures that new starters know exactly what they have to do to keep themselves and others safe.


A clear and meaningful risk management plan helps you and others within your workplace know what risks exists, how they may impact on them, clients or the business, and how they can be managed reduce the likelihood or consequences from them. Let Insinct Organisational Development work with you and your team to create a tool that enhances your business.


While we do everything we can to ensure that they don’t happen, incidents unfortunately do occur. Gigi will provide support to you and your team in the immediate response, through the investigation and reporting processes, and in making any changes to policies and procedures based on learnings from the incident.


Health and safety procedures seek to either reduce the likelihood of an injury or illness to a worker, client, or other person in the workplace, and / or minimise the effects if they do happen. Instinct Organisational Development’s knowledge and experience in working across and range of workplaces will ensure that you have procedures that do both functions well, in a way that works for you and your team.


Not sure when your extinguishers were last checked or even if they have been? Would like someone to look at the alarms that keeps going off without a fire? Instinct Organisational Development can source and manage regular or ad hoc contractor arrangements to ensure that your safety equipment is always available and functioning when and if it is needed.

Fire Safety Advisor Services

We are able to offer Fire Safety Advisor services to those business who are required to have one (if you have more than 30 workers normally employed at a site) or choose to have one. Gigi can undertake this role with an understanding of the way that community organisations operate so that you end up with a compliant system that works for you.


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Working with Gigi has changed our business altogether. The work environment has so much more creativity and the human connections that we make are invaluable. We are collaborating more and working as a team.

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Instinct Organisational Development is a niche consulting firm focusing on organisational development for community services, business and associations. This can occur through training, policy development / review, strategic and business planning, risk management, etc.

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